Thread Lift

Sometimes referred to as the ‘non-surgical facelift’, Thread Lift is a minimally-invasive treatment that lifts sagging or ageing areas of the face without the need for sedation or a hospital stay. It is performed under local anaesthetic and takes as little as 30 minutes, with patients able to walk-out and return home a short while after.

The Problem

As we age, a loss of collagen and elastin in our skin can lead to looser facial tone and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. Losing this protein, combined with a natural loss of fat on the face, can hollow the upper cheeks and create heaviness above the jaw line (jowl) and around the chin (marionette lines), giving a tired and aged look.

The Thread Lift (Non-surgical facelift) Treatment

Thread lift BristolThread Lift is a revolutionary treatment to tackle prominent signs of ageing. Without the use of any incisions or surgery, anchoring sutures are placed under the skin using a fine needle to elevate the sagging tissue and lift problem areas. The treatment can take as little as 30 minutes under local anaesthetic and requires no hospital stay afterwards.

The sutures used in the treatment are completely bio-degradable, meaning they will not need to be removed. Their principle componant, polylactic acid, encourages the body’s production of collagen, meaning your skin will appear naturally fuller over time, even after the sutures have dissolved.

Derma PDO Thread Bristol

Derma PDO Thread – Mono

PDO  Derma Threads are a ‘non surgical’ face and neck lift treatment. This minimally invasive procedure uses dissolvable PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are made of soluble  material used in medicine for many years, mainly in surgery. PDO relaxes muscles and tendons while stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin. PDO also stimulates the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, vital for creating youthful looking skin. Effective in facial lifting and winkle removal through self-stimulation of cell. There is no interruption in daily life even right after the procedure and no side effects or worries about removal as it will be fully dissolved in the body after one to two years. This is biodegradable and biocompatible.


twist-derma-pdo-thread Bristol

Derma PDO Thread – Twist

The Derma Thread ‘Twist’ is designed as twisted pairs of the mono thread that accelerates stronger stimulation into derma layer to form more collagen. Twisted PDO is thicker and stronger than single fiber so the effect for lifting skin is more powerful than mono PDO thread.

Effective in facial lifting and winkle removal through self-stimulation of cell. There is no interruption in daily life even right after the procedure and no side effects or worries about removal as it will be fully dissolved in the body after one to two years. This is biodegradable and biocompatible.

3d-cog-derma-pdo-thread Bristol

The Results

The PDO thread lift gently lifts and repositions tissues that have fallen into the hands of gravity, resulting in a more youthful looking appearance. Hollow cheeks appear fuller, while any sagginess is lifted and wrinkles are eased.

3D Cog is a revolutionary embedding Polydioxanone suture and ligature thread, with cogs and barbs formed during manufacture. As point of contact to tow panniculus carnosus is increased, lifting effect is maximized.


Downtime after a Thread Lift treatment is minimal, but you may experience some very slight bruising or swelling in the days following your procedure and some mild tension in the areas that have been elevated. Your doctor will give you individual advice tailored to your lifestyle to ensure your recovery is as quick and easy as possible.

How does the treatment work?

Extremely fine sutures are inserted to the chosen area at a depth of about 3-5mm where they are anchored in stable positions by your doctor using very light pressure. Absorbable, bidirectional cones attached to the sutures grasp and lift soft tissues to ease sagging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

The principal component of thread isPLA (polylactic acid) or PDO (Polydioxanone) which naturally encourages the body’s own production of collagen, producing a further fuller appearance to the skin over time. Your sutures will naturally dissolve in about 12 months. The main component of threads is biocompatible and naturally absorbed by the body. It is used in a range of medical treatments ranging from screws for bone fractures, to new biodegradable stent trials.

Where can the treatment be used?Thread Treatments Bristol

  • Lower jaw and chin
  • Cheeks and cheekbones
  • Eyebrows and ‘crow feet lines’
  • Forehead
  • Neck and décolleté
  • Shoulder, hip and  stomach

Does it hurt?

The procedure will normally take around 30-60 minutes. As a thread lift treatment isn’t particularly invasive, pain is kept to a minimum. Local anaesthetic is used during the procedure to prevent soreness, and you may experience some discomfort in the days following the procedure. You may require pain relief during your recovery, which your doctor will advise on.

How long will result last? 

The results can be seen immediately. Longevity varies from patient to patient, but results can last up to 18 months.

Are there any side effects?

Patients may experience light bruising for the first 2-5 days after the procedure. In some cases a slight depression, bunching, or irregularity of the skin may appear at entry points of the sutures, but again this should subside within a week.

Am I suitable for a Threads Lift?

Threads Lift is normally recommended for those over 30 who are tackling moderate signs of ageing. Suitable patients will be seeking a more dramatic difference than wrinkle injections or fillers, but without the trauma of a full face lift. The treatment is suitable for all skin types, but those who are allergic or sensitive to bio-materials are advised to speak to their doctor as the procedure could cause a reaction. Your consultation will give you time to disclose any allergies, and your doctor will be able to advise you if the treatment is safe and effective for your needs.

Is a Threads Lift safe?

As with any treatment, your safety and final results depend entirely on the skill of the doctor performing it. Providing you work with an experienced medical practitioner, Threads lift is a highly safe treatment with proven results and success. The main substance of the treatment is natural, biocompatible, and fully absorbable. Suture lifts are performed under local anaesthetic, meaning no sedation is necessary.

Can Threads Lift be combined with other treatments?

Definitely, yes. The minimally-invasive nature of threads mean that it works perfectly alongside some other rejuvenation treatments. A common example is the use of dermal fillers alongside a silhouette lift to help restore volume in shallow areas.  Dr Quandt has a friendly approach where she will listen to your concerns offering appropriate treatments as well as benefits and any associated risks.

Do I need to do anything before a  Threads Lift?

There are no special preparations required for this  treatment. However during consultation we will fully discuss any previous treatments you may have undergone, any allergies you have and your medical background to ensure the treatment is suitable for you.

What should I do after a Threads Lift?

Immediately after the treatment you may experience some slight swelling, bruising or redness which will subside on its own after a few days. We advise to avoid facial massages, beauty treatments and dental work in the week following the treatment. Contact sport and excessive exercise is not recommended for the first few weeks following a treatment, and patients are advised to sleep on their back to avoid any complications.

Your doctor will advise if there are any specific requirements during your recovery period but, as the cones do not need to be removed, you will require no further treatment to remove them.